2014 Semi Final Draw

2014 semi finals
1st named (higher on ladder) team in bold NORTHERN DUGOUT  SOUTHERN DUGOUT 
U16Girls 29-Aug ahc2 5.30pm Norths Wodonga
ahc1 5.45pm United Magpies
U16Boys 29-Aug ahc2 7.30pm United Wombats
ahc1 7.45pm Scots Phantoms
U14Girls 30-Aug ahc2 8.30am United Wombats
ahc1 8.45am Magpies Wodonga
U14Boys 30-Aug ahc2 10.15am Wombats Phantoms
ahc1 10.30am Scots Wodonga
U12Girls 30-Aug ahc2 12noon United Falcons
ahc1 12.15pm Beechworth Phantoms
U12Boys 30-Aug ahc2 1.30pm Wombats United
ahc1 1.45pm Norths Wodonga
3 Women 30-Aug ahc2 3pm Norths Blue Magpies
ahc1 3.15pm Wombats Norths White
3 MEN 30-Aug ahc2 4.45pm United Falcons Orange
ahc1 5pm Falcons Black Wombats Green
2 Women 31-Aug ahc2 10am United Norths
ahc1 10.15am Magpies Wombats
2 MEN 31-Aug ahc2 11.45am Wodonga White Falcons
ahc1 12noon Norths United
1 Women 31-Aug ahc2 1.30pm Falcons Norths
ahc1 1.45pm United Magpies
1 MEN 31-Aug ahc2 3.15pm United Wodonga
ahc1 3.30pm Wombats Falcons
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