Get Involved with the Club – Job Descriptions

Descriptions of Jobs to be Done

Many hands make light work.
We understand not everyone has the time to commit to being part of a Committee, but are happy to help out with a task to spread the load. There are many areas and ways you could ‘lend a hand’, to help the Club and Committee. 2/3 members may form a Sub-Committee  bringing their thoughts, ideas and plans back to the Committee to be sanctioned.

If there is a ‘job’ that you feel you would like to do or maybe there are several things, please
email your willingness to

Below is a list of tasks we need to be filled with a brief description. Please contact Gay
Harvey 0409 812 766 if you would like to discuss any jobs further.


Uniforms – Keep track of all uniforms in Container. Collecting order forms, place order when required, pick up and distribute uniforms. Master sheet and receipt to Treasurer.

Newsletters – We would like a weekly/fortnightly Newsletter with results, information etc. to be put on Website/Facebook.

U9 Coaches – Need 2 people willing to give their time on a Saturday morning 9.30am to 11am starting on April 11th 2015 with a Come & Try day. Calendar on the HAW Calendar on the HAW Website. Finishing on August 22nd 2015. We would like to encourage the U9
players to train on Tuesday nights 5.30pm – 6.30pm. Need to have a Community Coaches
accreditation, Working with Children check, and be over 18. Juniors can assist.

Minute Secretary – Take the minutes of each meeting. Type up minutes and email out to the
Committee members. List of meetings on the Calendar on Norths Website.

Hookin2Hockey Coaches – We need to supply 2 people to commit on a Monday evening at
the Hockey Centre 5pm – 6pm Term weeks. Need to be over 18 and have a Community Coaches accreditation and a Working with Children check. Juniors can assist.

Registrar – Register all Norths players and members onto the HAW Website.

Recorder – Record all match games each week.

Club Day Coordinator – Plan and coordinate our Senior Club Day in May (date TBA). It is our Pink Day with all Funds raised going to the McGrath Foundation for Breast Care Nurses. Plan and coordinate our Junior Club Day in May (date TBA). Separate day from Senior Club

Fundraising/Sub Committee – Any members who have a flair or ideas for fundraising
throughout the Season or in off Season. Maybe 1 event for example: Pie Drive; Trivia Night; Mystery Bus Tour; Raffle/s or Last Man Standing.

Senior Presentation Night – Friday 18th September 2015. Plan night, organise venue,  invites, tickets, entertainment, decorations, set up and meals etc.

Junior Presentation Night – Tuesday 25th 2015. Plan night, organise food, decorations, venue, etc.

Training Set Up – Be at the Hockey Ground by 5.15pm on a Tuesday night. Go to the lockers in the change room, bring out the crate of balls, witches hats, training bibs and First Aid Kit.

Training Pack Up – Pack up at 7.25pm, balls in the crates, witches hats, training bibs and First Aid Kit. Pack away in lockers, Ground vacated by 7.30pm for State League Training.

First Aid Kits – Restock 2 First Aid Kits in locker used for training and games at the Grounds.
Restock basic First Aid Kits in Manager Bags. Every few weeks check Kits.

Equipment – Check all goalie gear, balls, training gear, etc. before training for the Season starts. Check face Masks and ‘Newbies’ bags etc. Report to Committee when items need replacing or need mending.

Umpires Roster – Find Club Umpires when ‘Home Team Appointments’ are
needed for Club games each week. Collate a list of names who are willing to help out.

Umpire Coach/Mentor – Help new umpires begin umpiring and learning the rules, starting
with Club home team appointments.

Trophies/Certificates – Select trophies and order in time for Junior Presentation Night. Have certificates/photo to present to each player. Collate with Coaches, names. Collect trophies. Select and order trophies for Senior Presentation Night. Collate with Coaches for names and pick up.

Junior Sub Committee Coordinator – Committee would like to see the Junior Sub-Committee up and running again in 2015. Ideally made up with 2 players from each team. Meet once a month in Club Rooms at 5pm before training. To discuss ideas, issues etc. Make the Juniors feel part of the Club and decisions made.

Senior Sub-Committee Coordinator – Committee would like to see a Senior Sub-Committee made up of 2 players from each Veteran and Senior Team. Meet several times a year to bring ideas, thoughts, and feedback to the Committee to help us with planning and decisions.

Newbies Coordinator – Organise dates, times, venue, promotion and coaches for 2-6 week
program. Coaches to be over 18 and have at least Community Coach Accreditation, and Working with Children check.

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