2016 HAW Grounds

From the HAW Office:

Hi all,


A request to all clubs – can you please send to managers to remind their players (thanks)


At the end of your game can you please ensure that there is no litter left in or around your dugout.   There is a bin placed in each dugout and large bins around the grounds.  If the litter could be put in there it would be much appreciated.   It will make my job much easier (and give me more time to deal with other things that you need me to do)




Cayte Campbell

Acting Sports Operations Manager


Administration & Operations | Hockey Albury-Wodonga Inc.
P.O Box 386, Albury, NSW, 2640
(  (02) 6041 3417 | (  0417 688 852 |  *  admin@haw.net.au

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