Umpires Round 3 Seniors / Round 2 Juniors

From the fingers of Mrs Harvey:

As we are all aware, umpires are to come from each Senior team. I still need names please.
I have done my best to put a game for each Team, share it out fairly each week but also trying to be mindful of the level of the games and capabilities to do the game that is required.
We had 8 games Norths were down to do last week and 2 we had ‘no show’. Not really good enough guys.
I will do up the games Norths have been given, number of games varies from week to week.
Each week I will send out to all coaches and nominated umpires, an email with what I have rostered and it is then up to the team appointed to work it out please. If there are any problems ask other members, or try to find someone outside Club, or last resort let Barry  Verbunt  know. It is disappointing when your team is ready to play and no umpires have shown up.

This week we have 7 to do.
1- B blue to do U14 boys game on Friday night at 6.30pm Grd 1
2- B White to do U14 girls at 9.30am in Yack
3- CW to do U12 boys 11.15am in Wodonga
4- CM to do a CW game at 5pm on Grd 1
5- AM to do a BM game at 9.30am on Grd 1 (our boys play same time in Wodonga)
6- AW to do an AW game 3.30pm on Grd 1

Thank you, I appreciate all your help.
Could these please be put up on website and FaceBook?

Regards Gay

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