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Subject: Grants and sponsorship jobs

Hi all,

As has often been noted in the past by individuals, clubs and the BOM, HAW would benefit from grant applications and some local Sponsorship of our sport.  We have tried a number of avenues in the past to attract grants and sponsorship, some of which have been moderately successful.

At a recent Board meeting it was decided that we would approach this differently and offer an opportunity to someone in our hockey community, who displays high level writing skills and an aptitude for marketing.  This person will be tasked with securing funding via government grants programs or local businesses.

HAW will provide direction in how to go about finding and applying  for grants and provide you with the necessary details to complete the grant applications.  You would need to provide a high quality document that supports the requirements of the grant application.

Our second avenue to secure sponsorship for HAW would be to look for a person who may have connections with local businesses and an aptitude in marketing to approach potential sponsors with an offer regarding Sponsorship on our behalf.  HAW would supply the successful person with a package of information to assist you to sell our attributes to a potential sponsor.

By way of remuneration for your efforts HAW will provide you 10% of any funding/sponsorship you are to secure for the Association. For the right person this opportunity may provide or supplement an income and enable you to work your own hours.

If either of these roles appeals to you please contact me in the office to express your interest and receive more details.


Cayte Campbell

Acting Sports Operations Manager

Administration & Operations | Hockey Albury-Wodonga Inc.
P.O Box 386, Albury, NSW, 2640                                                                                                                    
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