Bunnings Albury BBQ!

Hello all.

Norths Hockey Club has secured a date for a fundraising BBQ at Bunnings Albury on Sunday 18 December.

This is a great opportunity for the club to raise lots of money which in turn will benefit Norths Junior and senior players.

The BBQ is to be run from 9-4, and the committee has done up a roster for the day.

We need a minimum of 4 people for each time slot.

Please see below your teams designated time period, and we are hoping that you can rustle up some of your teams players to help out. We are only asking for 1 hour of time from each team.

8am – Set up – Committee

9am – Div 2 women white

10am – Div 2 women blue

11am – Div 2 men

12pm – Div 1 women

1pm – Div 1 men

2pm – Div 3 women

3pm – Div 3 men

4pm – Clean and pack up – Committee

When you get your volunteers, can you please email there names through to the club.

Thanks guys.

Talk soon.

Le-Vene Horne

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