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Subject: RE: Marshalls policy

To all clubs,


We now have our Marshalls vests.  A big thanks to “Mr Sparkie” who has sponsored the vests for us.


As of this week the Marshalls will be in use.  Please remember to organise a person for each game that your club is participating in.


The vests will be with:

Albury – at the canteen

Wodonga – at the canteen (or hanging in the umpires dugout)

Corowa – with United

Wangaratta – with Wangaratta

Beechworth – with Beechworth


Please ensure that when the game is finished that they immediately go back to where they came from for the next team to use.


Remember that the Marshals must:

·         be 18 years of age or older;

·         wear clothing that readily identifies them as a Marshall;

·         walk around the field used throughout the match and ensure they are clearly visible to Spectators, and are in an appropriate spot for monitoring off-field incidents and behaviour;

·         the Marshall must, if it is safe to do so, remind spectators  of their obligation comply with the HAW Code of Behaviour and issue any reasonable direction

·         If any spectator fails to comply with the Marshalls reasonable directions, the Marshal should contact their Club for further assistance. If required the Club official representative is to contact the police or relevant emergency services for support;

·         not engage in any verbal or physical altercations;

·         not consume alcohol or smoke while acting as a Marshall;

·         not, unless it is safe to do so, approach opposition Spectators  behaving inappropriately and must instead approach the opposition Marshall to resolve any issues.

Further details are in the policy on the web


If there are issues then the appropriate form on the web is to be filled in and sent to (or put in the results box)


The form to report any issues (which ideally will not be needed) can be located at






Cayte Campbell

Sports Operations Manager


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