HAW Vets Mens Squad

The Men’s Vets Squad would like to request your assistance in helping us with recruitment

 If the following could be passed on to your members it would be appreciated.

Dear Club Members,

Call to Arms

HAW Vets are looking for new blood to assist with our annual campaign to maintain the mantel of champion Regional Association again this year.

Though we have plenty of the usual suspects returning for the umpteenth time, as you can appreciate the wear and tear of a 3 day tournament takes its toll after so many trips to battle.

Each year we manage to recruit a new Pup or two but we would like to encourage more to join us at training over the next few weeks and join us in future campaigns even if you can’t make it for this one.


If you are over 35 and interested, please submit your details and availability via the following link

VETS Survey

Or simply respond with the following details (survey is easier for me J)





Preferred Position(s):

Squad Availability

–         June 4th – Steakhouse Cup Availability:

–         June 10th to 12th , HV Regional Tournament (Greensborough) Please include days available

o   Saturday:

o   Sunday:

o   Monday:



Even if you can’t commit this year, we will start training this Thursday night from 6pm at the Wodonga Hockey Centre.

Please get in touch ASAP and I will include you in future correspondence.



Andrew McMillan

Wombats Hockey Club

0428 618115

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