Steakhouse Cup round. D1 & D2 deferrals

To all clubs

The date for Steakhouse Cup was late to finalise this year.  As result there is a round scheduled for Sunday the 4th of June when the Steakhouse cup to be held in Wagga. 

This was discussed at the Presidents Secretaries meeting last week and the response from Clubs with Board input supports deferral of the Sunday games for this round.

These will be rescheduled and played by agreement of the teams by the end of July. Failing agreement of a date the home team will provide three dates to the away team who is to select the date from these. The available dates and grounds for Monday night, Thursday night and late Saturday afternoon will be forwarded to clubs on Monday.  

Steakhouse Cup is the only fixture where all our representative teams can play and share their experience of representing this Association.

It will also be a day where  Strikers and Spitfire teams can  show their capability and build on their training over the last three months which will assist in their journey to rejoining Capital League in 2018.



Bert Eastoe


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