Quarters and other rules

From HAW:

Hi all clubs,

Please pass this on to your members.

Post our conversation at the P&S the other night about quarters and when the ball is in play, I have spoken to Stirling Sharpe, the Umpire Director in ACT and he has confirmed the following:

·         Between the quarters (2 minutes break) players are not to leave the field of play BUT they can be on the red part of the turf as this is part of the field during play.  They are not to go into the dugouts.

·         After the breaks the umpire is to start the game with the whistle (when the clock is going).  The ball is not deemed in play until the whistle is blown.  Players do not need to be on the field but if they are they are to be at the appropriate end of the field.

·         Once the siren goes at the end of any quarter or half then the ball is dead unless there is a short corner in progress  (So if ball is in mid-air and siren blows then that ball is now a dead ball)

·         For short corners, for Division 1 these are started by the umpire with a whistle.  For all other divisions the umpire will give the all clear for the corner to begin as they first will ensure that the defending team is ready

Kind Regards

Cayte Campbell

Sports Operations Manager

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