Men’s Masters Match

To Clubs,

There will be a Mens Masters match at AHC on Wednesday October 7th at 7:00pm for any men 45 or over.

Can you please send this on to any of your club who might be interested.

If you have been sent this by your club and you would like to play, please notify the office by email letting us know by Friday 2 October.

Depending upon numbers, we expect the game to be four 15 minute quarters with interested players split into even teams, which will be announced by email before the game.

The cost is expected to be $10 per player, which will include some refreshments, including mid-strength beer and soft drinks at the conclusion of the match.

Covid-19 restrictions will apply with sign/tap in and the usual social distancing rules, with entry/exit gates into and out of the ground surface.

Regarding registration and insurance, if you have not registered with HV during the year and you are not playing in the current H8 competition, then there is an additional $40 cost to cover registration. We understand that this may adversely affect your decision to play. If you are uncertain if you have a HV registration, reply asking and I will let you know.

Kind Regards

Cayte Campbell (on behalf of Ross Maggs)
Sports Operations Manager

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