Entry to Dugouts – Reminder!

To all clubs,

With CoVid rearing its ugly head again it is timely to remind ALL teams that we need to be aware of dugout etiquette.

Teams are not to enter the dugouts until the occupying team has left the dugout.  Please stand back so the exiting team can get out with some space.

With that in mind, can occupying teams please move swiftly from the field, pick up your belongings and exit in a timely manner. 

If the team for the next game wishes to get on the field, then they can leave their bags etc by the side of the field and enter by the northern double gates (at Albury) or the umpires gate (in Wodonga) and start their warm up on the eastern side of the field so they do not interfere with the exiting team.

It is important that this message is conveyed to your coaches, managers AND players.

Also, please ensure all those who enter any HAW facility check in using the QR codes at the entry to the grounds.  We do not want to be shut down because we are not complying.

Kind Regards

Cayte Campbell

Sports Operations Manager

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