Round 9 Update

HAW update 9 July to all members

To all HAW members,

At a meeting last night for all clubs it was decided that there would be a change to how we start our games as from today.

Five minutes before the game the umpires and team captains will meet for the toss. They will have a conversation about the upcoming game, ask any questions they have of each other and mention some reminders (for example – do not pick up the ball, spitting is not allowed, respect the whistle and the players).  The run on and cheers will still take place to start the game. Remember – no handshaking, only tap sticks.

And please remember all persons entering any HAW hockey field must check in (NSW & Vic).   Currently in NSW masks are compulsory to enter the grounds.  Only players on the field are not required to wear masks.

And DO NOT come to hockey if you are unwell.

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