2017 Senior Presentation Night

From the pen of the indomitable Gay Harvey:

Thank you to all who came and celebrated last night at our Senior Presentation night.
I felt it was a happy occasion, maybe there is something to the old saying ‘winners are grinners’.

The Debbie Goldsworthy Memorial Trophy for Exceptional Service to the Club was awarded to a very worthy recipient. LeVene Horne.

Our awesome Major Sponsors, Belinda & Daniel Burke from Northside Hotel thank you so much for continued support of our Club.

$100 number was won by Josie Robertson with No 94
Thank you for your support.

Lucky Door Prize a bottle of wine. This was won by Kath Donnolley.

Our ‘closest to the bottle’ was eventually won by an excited Jo Peachey. Thank you Brandon for running it for us.

Some of our raffle winners were-
Bec Wall, Lesley White, Georgie Rose.

To all our lovely helpers who helped set up in the afternoon, who helped dish dinner, who helped with the dishes, who helped pack up, thank you so much, it was very much appreciated.

Thank you very much Fiona Beath for doing the raffles and the 100 numbers.

Masters ladies have a new ‘trophy’ called – Karla Who – Winner in 2017 was Sherren Rahaley!
Our most improved lady for Masters was Kathy Bucknall.

Winners for CW were:
Debbie Olsson, Melissa Smith, Bronwyn Bronnie Vickers Was Crawford and Maddie Debruyn

Winners for CM were:
Ivan Liley, Nick Clark, Sam Clark, Shane Smead and Tobey Newton

Winners for BW were:
Catherine Fisher, Lauren Blatchford, and Ella Therkildsen.

Winners for BM were:
Mitch Blatchford, Kurt Beath and Wayne Voss

Winners for AW were:
Leah Wilesmith, Bronte Green and Nan Latta

Winners for AM were:
Jordan Thorneycroft, Oscar Smart and Larry Simpson

Congratulations to all our winners.

My stick bag is in the garage, my shoes & shinnies are aired and put away, my uniform is washed and put away, what do I do now on a weekend and Tuesday night?!!! 😂😂😂

Best of luck to Jeremy Jez Payne who is going to Nationals in Perth, and to Ange McDonald, Sherren Rahaley and Nan Latta who are going away to Masters Nationals in Newcastle.
We are proud of you all.
Keep us updated please.

Thank you.

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