Level 1 Coaching Course

Hey all,

Just a reminder to ask your coaches to consider this course, which is an important part of our strategic plan to raise the profile of hockey in our region. As of this morning, only 4 (four) participants had signed up. This is massively disappointing, and does not tally with the verbal feedback I have been receiving.
This is not enough people to justify running the course. Obviously the last thing we want to do is cancel the course, but unless the numbers pick up over the next week, say, that’s probably going to be the move we have to make.
I would also like to re-iterate the call that was made by the clubs last year that all our coaches need to be qualified at the appropriate level going forward. We are doing all that we can to facilitate this by hosting this course locally rather than asking our coaches to travel to Melbourne.
Hopefully we can boost those numbers in the next few days!
Many thanks,


Douglas Agar

Development Director 

Hockey Albury-Wodonga Inc.
P.O Box 386, Albury, NSW, 2640                                                                                                                    
(  (02) 6041 3417 | (  0410 887 069 |  *  development@hockeyalburywodonga.com.au

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