CoVid safe plan Step 2 version 3

To all clubs,

With the update to the rules by both the Victorian Government, our rules have been updated to be in line with this.  .  They are relevant until 1 July.  A new plan will be issued for 1 July.

Where there are changes to the plans, the text is in blue for ease of finding.

I have attached both the updated CoVid Safe Plan and updated Club Training Plan.

Please make sure you read, understand and abide by the requirements and obligations of entering the HAW facilities.

A copy of the plans have been put on the HAW web site for easy reference.

Step 2 will continue until 1 July for NSW, until 22 June for those 18years old and younger in Victoria and for those over 18 in Victoria, until 13 July when contact training resumes for them.

All other restrictions listed in this document are in force until 1 July unless either state changes their rules.  If this happens then a new plan will be issued.

Kind Regards

Cayte Campbell

Sports Operations Manager

Administration & Operations | Hockey Albury-Wodonga Inc.
P.O Box 386, Albury, NSW, 2640

(  (02) 6041 3417 | (  0417 688 852 |  *


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