Looking for 2021 Club Delegates!

Members from HAW Clubs, make up our HAW Board.

There are Directors on the Board for the following Portfolios:
Competitions; Umpires; Development; Junior Representative and Senior/Spitfires Representative; Finance & Media.

Most Portfolios have a Sub-Committee made up of 1 Delegate from each Club.

This gives each Club the opportunity to have a say in the direction our Association takes and how it is run. It also helps Clubs be better informed and to understand how the Association runs and why some decisions are made.

Club Delegates can be anyone who is a member of the Club, not just from the Club Committee.
Norths have filled several positions but we do need Delegates for the following Portfolios:

  • Competitions: – Gay Harvey. 5 meetings in the Club rooms at 6.30pm on 24/02; 24/03; 21/04; 16/06; 18/08
  • Permits: – Beth Simpson
  • Affiliation Committee: – Angus Beath
  • Masters: – 2 meetings in the Club rooms at 6.30pm on 22/02; 15/03.
  • Umpires: – 6 meetings in the Club rooms at 6.30pm on 22/03; 26/04; 24/05; 21/06; 26/07; 23/08.
  • Junior Representative: – 6 meetings at Brady’s Hotel at 5.30pm -6.30pm on 11/02; 11/03; 8/04; 13/05; 10/06; 8/07.
  • U10’s: –

Please let Gay Harvey know if you’re interested in being a club delegate and helping HAW thrive!

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